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Signals Home Entertainment is now importing Olga Oreshyna diffuser wood panels from Canada. The panels, designed by Olga Oreshyna, are claimed to significantly enhance the sound of a home theatre or studio. The panels feature an irregular surface, with a complex pattern to scatter the sound waves thoroughly, allowing them to function as diffusers.
By placing acoustic diffusers behind the speakers on the front wall, reflections that upset the soundstage are addressed. Adding additional diffusers to the corners and side walls allows further gains.
The rear-wall diffusers dramatically compensate for the size and shape of a room, creating a soundstage that appears to extend beyond the room boundaries. Read more

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My name is Olga Oreshyna and I would like to introduce myself as a Canadian emerging artist who is deeply passionate about woodworking. The source of my inspiration comes from abandoned pieces of wood. In my imagination I give them a second chance of the life. All wood for my works were already used before. I hope this is my small contribution to green building. Rather than cutting down trees to get the needed material, reusing wood is just as good if not better. This is my way of making a difference, at the same time I’m sharing a positive message on how we can recycle and reuse in creative ways. My artworks reflect my contribution to make our fragile environment more healthy and beautiful. So much plastic, metal, concrete surround us in our everyday life. Creating these amazing wooden structures I feel huge energy coming over my hands.

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