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Olga Oreshyna Wood Artist Toronto Art Studio

My artwork is influenced and inspired by the magnificence and splendor of the natural environment. I seek to stimulate my emotions through the passion I feel, when I am immersed in nature; whether by the beauty of a single flower, or by a panoramic wild coastline scene. I am intrigued by the fleeting balance between strength and fragility in nature and I seek to create feelings of tranquility and balance in my works.
My art phase began when I discovered a true passion for creating a harmonious blend between wood, shape, texture and colour. In my belief, wood retains the spirit of the living tree and I just try to honour it.

“It is not the medium that counts, it is what you see in it and what you do with it.”- Louise Nevelson

Wood is an excellent medium, it’s strong, smart and flexible. Every piece of wood is like a person, with its unique and unexpected character. I enjoy the challenge to give the wood a new life. Design of each art piece is blending form and aesthetic. A form is most important, and wood species with it’s different grain patterns and knots are chosen to enhance it. Starting with a mental image of the shape and color and rough sketch, the magic begins.

Every piece of wood in my sculptures has been shaped and fitted to a specifically designated position – countless bits of wood assembled into enigmatic, loosely geometric compositions. The creative process involves building up layers of paint then tearing them down. The hidden layers are revealed through sanding or scrubbing. It’s so similar to our life, what we don’t see still matters. We all have layers that are not visible and I find discovering the depth of these layers the most interesting in people and paintings.

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